Study Overview

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is carrying out this Study for improving Highway 3 from 1.2 kilometers (km) east of Essex County Road 23 easterly to 1.1 km east of Essex County Road 34 in the County of Essex.

In 2006, MTO completed a Study of Highway 3 from Outer Drive Easterly 33.5 km to Essex County Road 34 and obtained “Environmental Assessment Clearance” to construct the improvements recommended in the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR). The Study has been implemented in phases, with Phases 1 and 2 being constructed in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

The improvements approved in 2006 associated with Phase 3 include widening the highway from two to four traffic lanes, undertaking intersection improvements, and re‑aligning Division Road. The improvements are being reviewed as part of this Study to ensure they are still appropriate and updated accordingly prior to implementation. In addition to a TESR Review, Detail Design for the improvements will be initiated.

EA Process

The Study is following the TESR review process for a Group ‘B’ project in accordance with MTO’s Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities, 2000 (Class EA). The review identified significant changes since the submission of the 2006 approved TESR. Therefore, a TESR Addendum was prepared and is available for review starting on July 28, 2021 and ending on August 27, 2021 on the Reports Page.